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ChargEV, our newest product, is a part of our effort to support the ongoing shift to non-polluting modes of transportation and combat the climate change challenges.

The report is targeted to C-Store operators and other Retail business customers interested in expanding their line of business to include the EV charging stations at their existing and new locations.

The report provides focused statistical analysis for EV density, EV charger density, and demographics in the area surrounding the site of interest, in addition to the AADT traffic data.

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Features And Benefits


Aggregated report tailored to accommodate your special needs

Data are ready for decision making, saving your valuable time.


Focused sampling

You pay only for what you need – no areas are ”too small”.


High resolution

Highly granular data focused exactly on your location of interest.


Full temporal coverage

24/7/365 traffic observation.


Up-to-date information

Data available starting from 2017, and up to 60 days prior to the order date.


Ample information

Comprehensive range of data on all important aspects of traffic and vehicle park.


Algorithmic approach

Unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. We use only highly relevant and cross-verified data.


What Does It Do?

Site Selection Specialist

You Get:

Detailed data on traffic and pedestrian flows, EV vehicle park growth and availability of EV chargers, Demographics.


Optimization of selection process, Access to “bankable” data.

Operational Director

You Get:

Seasonal/Weekly/Intraday traffic fluctuations, Local/transit Traffic composition.


Personnel and advertisement budgeting, Revenue control, Strategic planning.

Regional Manager

You Get:

Aggregated traffic flow data, Trends, Demographics.


Revenue control and store management.

Innovation Manager

You Get:

Special reports by service type, Aggregated traffic flow data, Demographics.


Innovation planning, Comparative efficiency evaluation of projected improvements / upgrades.

What it do?
EV charger_edited.jpg

EV Charging Stations Report shows you the factual patterns in EV vehicle park growth and availability of EV chargers exactly at particular location of your interest.

No ‘averaged data’. No area is too small. No subscriptions. You pay only for what you need.



What makes Ticon different from all other traffic data providers?

High resolution. Unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. Ample information with all-road coverage nationwide. Continuous year-round observation of exact area of your interest.

What information is provided in ChargEV report?

ChargEV report provides, in addition to traffic flow data, the information on electric vehicle fleet density and on number of EV charging stations currently available in the area surrounding the location of interest. It also includes demographic data for the area.

Who says what the “recommended” levels of service (LOS) are for EV chargers?

The recommended number of EVs per charging station is provided by US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

Can I get a trial ChargEV report for my location?

Feel free to fill out the trial request form on our website. 
Or send a request through our contact form and we’ll be in touch with you in 24 hours.


About Us


We provide ample, accurate, affordable traffic data that covers a wide range of indicators geared to answer your questions. The data is optimized through processing by Ticon proprietary algorithm, to facilitate the decision-making and forecasting of localized traffic conditions: AADT & AAPDT; Intraday, Weekdays/Weekends Monthly traffic volumes; Speed & Speed distribution; Local/Transit traffic composition; Delays; Demographic; Special reports.

About Us
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