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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Ticon different from all other traffic data providers?

High resolution. Unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. Ample information with all-road coverage nationwide. Continuous year-round observation of exact area of your interest.



  1. High resolution due to the observation of short road segments  (up to 50 ft.) vs. TMC segments (from half a mile to several miles)

  2. High accuracy and reliability of traffic volume estimation due to cross-verification of multiple-sourced traffic and GIS data

  3. Unsurpassed accuracy of AADT and Intraday traffic volume estimation based on the multivariate Big Data analytics together with algorithmic approach and continuous 24/7 observation

  4. Ample information with all-road coverage vs highways and some major roads coverage

  5. Up to 10 years forensic capabilities based on historic Big Data analysis

  6. Focused analytics specially performed exactly for your location with 100% time coverage (one year observation is recommended for typical retail location)

  7. No ‘too small’ areas, no subscriptions or hidden fees – you pay only for the information you need and only when you need the information.

How Ticon achieves its claimed precision in site traffic analysis?

Deep knowledge in system engineering, transportation engineering, ML modelling and data science applied to highly relevant and cleaned data gathered through continuous observation of exact location of interest.


  1. Data acquired from qualified Providers

  2. Cross verification of the data delivered from various sources

  3. Data gathered through continuous observation of the exact location of interest

  4. All data is ranked by relevance, filtered and AI-processed to describe the road network, traffic control tools and vehicle behavior

  5. Proprietary algorithm uses latest achievements of system engineering, transportation engineering, ML modelling and data science

Where do you get your data?

Ticon platform gathers initial data from a variety of sources. We continuously add new data contributors particularly suited for specific tasks or areas of interest.



  1. We gather our data only from qualified and carefully verified providers, to ensure freshness, regular update, clear origination and defined methodology of data collection

  2. We use wide range of data from direct and indirect sources, both public and private. Just for traffic description we use more then dozen different classes of data

  3. Our data comes from navigation systems, fleet management systems, kinematic connected vehicles, cellular networks, GIS systems, government agencies and more

What are the main components of Ticon analytic model?

Innovative Ticon algorithm mines and processes multi-sourced big data using  multivariate analysis, ML modelling, dynamic speed/density relationship, and traffic network behavioral simulation to produce traffic information focused on your particular location: exact address, street, neighborhood, or even city.​



  1. AI modules process verified data to build virtual transportation model for the site of interest and surrounding area

  2. Ticon algorithm runs the analysis to produce the necessary information. Reporting system presents the information in a format ready for decision making and easy in-house processing

What information is provided in ChargEV report?

ChargEV report provides, in addition to traffic flow data, the information on electric vehicle fleet density and on number of EV charging stations currently available in the area surrounding the location of interest. It also includes demographic data for the area.

Who says what the “recommended” levels of service (LOS) are for EV chargers?

The recommended number of EVs per charging station is provided by US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

What is the main benefit of using C-Site Insight product?

C-Site Insight delivers ample information on your store’s clientele - both automotive and pedestrian.​ We concentrate on traffic for reliable support of smart site selection.


  1. Our report offers unique benefits to retailers and store operators by providing:

  2. True values of average daily traffic

  3. Intra-day distribution of traffic flows

  4. Weekly and seasonal fluctuation in traffic volumes

  5. Detailed in-flow speed analysis for better understanding of drivers’ behavior

  6. Pedestrian traffic at the point of interest*

  7. Congestion and Rush Hour analysis

  8. Demographics for a surrounding area

  9. Focused analytics specially performed exactly for your location with 100% time coverage

  10. No ‘too small’ areas, no subscriptions or hidden fees – you pay only for the information you need and only when you need the information.

How do you guarantee reliability of Ticon reports?

The highest quality guaranteed by cross-verification of multiple-sourced high-resolution traffic data and continuous 24/7 observation with full spatial coverage.

Who are Ticon’s Customers?

Ticon provides services to Convenience Store and Gas Station Operator Companies; to Real Estate Developers and Operators; to Municipalities, Traffic Management and Local Transportation Agencies.

Can I get a trial C-Site Insight report for my location?

Feel free to fill out the trial request form on our website.

Or send a request through our contact form and we’ll be in touch with you in 24 hours.

What is “road segment” and why it is better when it is short?

Road segment is a section of the road that is used for traffic data observation. Ticon achieves high data resolution due to the observation of short road segments  (up to 35 ft.), while other providers use larger segments: about a mile or more in length that leads to over averaging the data and can mislead you site selection decision. Traffic experts know that half mile shift can lead to 50%+ mistake in ADT estimation.

How Ticon monitors the accuracy of estimations provided?

Our unsurpassed data accuracy is proven by direct comparison of Ticon estimations with the measurements by state-of-the-art detectors and validated counters. 

Also, we conducted a number of field tests and studies* in over 20 cities with population ranging from 100,000 to 12,000,000 people. 

How can I review the case studies comparing Ticon with other industry solutions?

Case studies, comprising detailed comparison with all other solutions, including detection, floating cars and Big Data based technologies are available to customers upon request.

Which road categories are covered by Ticon’s data network?

Ticon provides virtually universal road coverage for most roads, from Interstate highways to local roads and city streets. Generally, 95%+ or all roads FRC 6 up are covered.

In which countries you operate, outside of the US?

Ticon can provide services in 50+ countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia/Pacific regions. Please contact us with request for your specific country of interest.

Does Ticon provide coverage for all 50 US States?

Yes, we have coverage for the contingent 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Canada and Mexico.

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